Legal Clinic

The Concept

Our concept is narrowly bounded for discussion, information providing and advice giving. We are not replacing under any circumstances the free legal aid granted by the Republic or state members of E.U. or other official institutions.

We aim to explain the legal details of your issue, to refer you to an authorised body for effective out-of-court redressing if exists, as well as to motivate you and articulate our solidarity in the sense of fraternity.

How we are handling sensitive and confidential of your information

Only our webmaster has access to the requests, whom currently is Yannakas Panayotis. He will only forward limited information and only among the 3L members which are appropriate and necessary for your matter.

After the confirmation, your entry in our database will immediately be deleted, and your email will not be transferred to any email list.

The database for the 3L Legal Clinic is separated from the database of our main dynamic website, and all the fields are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm. The site is transferred to your browser through the TLS/SSL protocol. For more details read our principles of privacy matters.

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