Our principles for Donations

The principles as described below, are designed to help 3L advance vision, mission and goals by a living corpus instrument which will be reviewing to avoid any inconvenience as our experience follows the highest standards of integrity, ethics and accountability.

Our vision is to achieve, long-term or short-term projects and the fundamental element that will provide grounds for ‘what we stand for’.  We intend to offer a diverse portfolio of funding from individual sectors, without ruling out government institutions or foundations. With or without a close involvement of a funding partner, we understand that each choice poses a unique risk. With this public statement, we want to limit, balance and handle conflicts of interest, missed opportunities for impact or reputation risks.

Independence and integrity

During the striving to advance our vision, we declare integrity and independence as the most valuable key for 3L’s reputation, which we seek to enhance.

Any funding partner shall not divert us from the fundamental elements

Legal Legion (loyalty) will reject fund that are not consistent with our advance vision, mission and goals.

Ideas and independence for Sponsors

Our further intentions are sharing data, methods and knowledge gained from our working experience. Under rigour conditions, we will encourage the co-working with our sponsors in order to evaluate our actions and how they may interact with us under a broader context. In terms of support, we welcome comments or engagements from any interested party and at the same time we send a clear signal that 3L’s management will always support the independence and the integrity.

Funding, intellectual property & general discretion to decline

Even if a sponsor entirely or exclusively supports any action, event or research of Legal Legion (loyalty), we will retain all the rights in terms of intellectual property. 3L provides only reproduction and distribution co-rights to sponsors.

The management shall be responsible for an enhanced executive role to guarding the 3L reputation. Due to work load at the time of the decision process, directors enjoying a general power to decline or return any support from an individual. Τheir positive obligations started immediately after the acceptance of a support offer, including detailed tracking or be continues informed of the new funding relationship.

When the economic status of 3L make it reasonable, General Directors encourage to transfer their guarding role of the 3L reputation to an independent board which will be founded exclusively for that purpose. Additionally, the new board will also inherit with the next power of the general meeting.

General Meeting’s power on specific types of costs

As a decision, travelling and employee expenses shall be taken by a majority of four fifth. Directors beyond the duty of quarterly interim reports of these costs’ types, also they shall inform all members at the general meeting for further elements that might influence these costs.

Directors as Trustee

Paid directors shall ground their actions by the financial indicator of the Fully Funded Balance (FFB). The pursuit of this objective must lead directors to reasonable decisions, even if that forced them to consider traditional entrepreneur practice or methodology. Throughout the period during which this FFB is eligible as healthy, are encouraged innovated management decisions when the core vision may be achieved by greater success.

All directors are responsible for obtaining prices reductions and discounts shall be exploited. The reason for each choice made shall be well-documented, including a description of the use of funds and an impact report.

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