Our principles for Privacy & Personal Data

We have prepared this text to explain to you how we use, collect and share the information and personal data we obtain through your use of the Internet sites, online services, or when you enjoy, benefit or granted any of our actions (hereinafter “3L’s Services & Actions”) that are operated by, controlled by or affiliated with Legal Legion Loyalty. Our principles only cover information and collected through the 3L’s Services & Actions and via direct communications between you and us. Does not cover any information collected at any other website, application or communication with us in any manner other than the 3L’s Services & Actions (unless otherwise stated). For example, this text is also concerned the lawfreaks dot community or any featured event which 3L will organise.

For the purposes of Cyprus and EU law, the data controller is “The 3L Vision”, the non-profit legal entity with the registration id ΗΕ391033. The 3L Vision is a non-profit company organized under the Cyprus Law and Cap 113 and is the same as our marketing brand Legal Legion (Loyalty).

Automated Information data collection

With the helping of the Google Analytics Platform, we automatically collect certain information from your web browser when you access and interact with our website. The only purpose of that is the understanding of how our visitors use the website. For example, each time you visit we collect the browser and computer type, access time, the referral URL or the URL you go to next, the page(s) that you access during your visit and your interaction with our content. We don’t use any analytic or similar tool from Facebook or any other social network. We don’t also use any advertising or generic targeting platform or general ads, like Google Adsense or Adchoice. After the automated data processing of our Analytics Platform, we have access only on statistics reports, graphs and maps, so we don’t can see specific user data.

Generally speaking, we encourage any privacy-sensitive web surfer to use add-ons like Disconnect Me, services like 14 or the Mozilla Firefox, which include features as the Tracking Protection or the Facebook Container. The latter is an innovated well-design feature, which helps everyone to isolates his or her Facebook data from any kind of data-broker. A calm report of what exactly is a data-broker is this from Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of United States Congress’ Senate.

In the matter of a well-function and design responsive website we shall storage cookies or other web beacons on your device, as well as we shall read your display resolution or other technical specifications of your devices. In all cases, these little files do not include personal data or are not part of any techniques according to user targeting.


3L’s website is SSL certificated. That does make sure that any data transferred between you and our server remain impossible to read by other. We use encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit and that preventing you hackers and others from reading the connection between us. This security layer covers any information we exchange through our apache server, including credit card numbers, names or emails.

In accordance with the store of your sensitive data and for specific areas in our website we apply AES-256 encryption algorithm before the saving in our databases. The decryption of them is possible only throw the webmaster account which is handled only by one 3L member. Generally, the duration of storing is as less as is needed to achieve the purpose of your relevant consent.

Data combination

We don’t supplement the information we collect with inside or outside records, data, or public information in order to learn more about our users, including the receiving or mining information about you from social media. That’s mean if you subscribe in our newsletter list we can’t fulfil our records with other email address you provide us on other occasions and vice versa.

Exercising your individual data rights

You have the right to: (a) request access to your Personal Data and rectification of inaccurate Personal Data; (b) request erasure of your Personal Data; (c) request restrictions on the processing of your Personal Data; (d) object to processing your Personal Data; and/or (e) the right to data portability. We can only process requests from a user whose identity has been verified. For more information about how to get access to Personal Data and for exercising your rights, you can submit a request here. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

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