The Parrhasian Heritage Park Project

It was exceedingly fortunate that right after our official founding we had the opportune to involve with the of The Parrhasian Heritage Park Project, an international private management initiative to preserve and promote approximately 300 square km of land in the Western Peloponnesos.

The base of the project is the University of Arizona, which is funding from a significant number of individuals and private institutions, and from the very beginning started as a collaborative effort between Greeks and Americans.

2012 has seen many changes according to the funding of heritage management initiatives in the European Union. New approaches needed to be adopted to qualify the future of heritage management grants including applications via the formation of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization), or according to the grants that touch upon a diverse array of research areas.

The efforts of that entity had focused on the creation of the necessary broad-based, fully compatible with EU and UNESCO requirements. The alliance is also comprised the committees representing of these diverse areas and works together as a single entity. The institutionalised of the Parrhasian Heritage Park Project as NGO was absolutely necessary as part of future planning efforts to more manageable proportions.

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